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Feel free to read more about our organization on this site.  You can subscribe for updates by completing the form below, or go to the Contact Us page to reach out to us with specific requests, questions or information and visit our YouTube channel.

About Us


L.E.A.D. Ministries (Learning, Education and Discipleship) is a Christian faith-based teaching and training organization empowering individuals to think critically about the Scriptures and the practical application of biblical principles to daily living and decision-making. We empower leaders to perform better, guide individuals who want to live better and serve as a resource to churches and ministries that want to operate better. 

Our Emphasis

Our Spiritual Empowerment Gatherings and our Ministry Development Seminars are designed to draw you deeper into a greater understanding of Christ as you journey through life with Him and serve Him in whatever He has given your hands to manage.  Our sessions are designed to encourage you, refresh you, equip you, and confirm what the Lord is doing in your life. We provide an environment where you can learn, grow, ask questions, find answers, and work through solutions in a welcoming setting.

Our Mission


Our mission is to promote truth, faith, and hope through the proper exposition and application of God's Word (the Bible) so that we are enabled to deal head-on with life's more complex issues while confidently and compassionately engaging with and interpreting the culture of our day through the lens of biblical principles. 


When there is truth, it strengthens one's faith and gives one hope.

Latest News and Events

Come join us for our Spiritual Empowerment Gatherings and our Ministry Development Seminars! Click here to visit our Schedule of Events page for dates, times, locations and registration information.  We look forward to having you join us!


If you would like to get in touch with us, we welcome you to reach out. Message us here.

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In Session

We wear so many hats and balance so many do we know when to let go of something? How do we refocus if we are feeling overwhelmed with all that seems to be happening at once? How do we discern God's presence in the midst of what we are facing personally and professionally? How can we be more effective in leading our ministries and teams while also providing informed and compassionate answers to the complex issues of today? Our Spiritual Empowerment Gatherings and Ministry Development Seminars will answer these questions and more. Learn more here.

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